Bal Bikas Secondary School is one of the leading academic institution in school level and higher education established in 1999 A.D. It has been run under new management since 2004A.D. and it has got a new soul.it has pioneered as the first Higher Secondary Level Boarding School in the eastern part of Nawalpur region. It is managed by well established, highly dedicated, professional, self-esteemed educationist group i.e. ‘children Educational Foundation System’ (CEFS). CEFS is managing different programmes of +2 level. It has also conceived the vision of technical education including nursing and Bachelor level programmes including Bachelor in Hotel Management. Presently it has been offering +2 science, computer science, Management with computer science and Hotel Management. It is affiliated to HSEB Sano Thimi, Bhakatpur. It is fully committed to render 21st century quality education with affordable fee. BBHSS With its concrete foundation of senior qualified faculty members and highly proactive and dedicated management, disseminates practice based knowledge in a conductive environment.

Students and students’ experience matter very much to us. We offer friendly and supportive environment where students are utmost importance. We provide educational experiences of the good quality. We create friendly academic environment for learning. We believe in practical learning. Education should be able to change one’s behavior positively and permanently. Thus our focus is on you, on giving you the best possible education and a lot of fun on the way. We offer classes both in the morning and day shift as well as in English & Nepali medium.


Establish bal bikas as community’s first choice school.


Provide qualitative education with 21st century skills

Our Goal

Accomplish mission working together with educationists of community and beyond.

Our Objective

Explore hidden talents of the students, enhance them with lie skills and vocational education, inculcate the felling of nationality, brother hood and service, bring underpreviledged, marginalized, disadvantaged children of the society in the main stream of education.

From the Principal

The meaning of education is change in behavior which should be positive and permanent. Education makes a man polished gentleman it explores students hidden talents education provides skills which is needed to survive human being are superior than other animals because they have brain to think and education sharpens their brain. Education is what it makes a person able to choose which is good we keep these meanings of education in our view we not only teach the students but also give plenty of situations in which students learn to ne gregarious. They learn to build team. They understand it is easier and good to work in team they get opportunity to find out from research work. We assign them different project works which help them to generate idea, to consult and get ideas from others, conflict management, over come the difficulties and develop confidence. We focuss on presentation skill and other extra co-curricular activities. We focuss on curriculum we use text book as reference we design our own best and scientific way of clarifying the curriculum so that students involve in different activities and find a lot of fun while reading we pay more attention in practical way of learning therefore playway method is widely used. Our qualified dedicate and trained teachers carry out the teaching learning activities. We, the entire school team are dedicate to quality education.

Mr. Deepak Rawat
- Principal